Is it messed up for a guy to say he's going to meet you to hangout, but doesn't come pick you up or even contact to say he can't make it?

Say you gave him your number, two hours later he asks to hangout but your tied down with a commitment that you made two days before.

So you have to let him down and say can we rearrange, and he says ok but seems disappointed.

Two days after you prompt call him to see. If he wÀnts to hangout. He rings back but seems down , then asks if I want to see him I said sure and he said how does that sound I said great yeah. He says he will ring after work and then pick me up. That was Thursday. Todays Saturday haven't heard from him and his phones been off since Thursday. Left a text and voicemail also. Could there really be a good explanation or is it plain rude?


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  • Well, if you guys set up a date and time to meet, and he doesn't show or let you know ahead of time why he can't show, then yeah that's rude. Or if it were a really unforeseen thing that happened (car wreck, family emergency), and he couldn't let you know ahead of time, he could and should let you know why he didn't show within a reasonable amount of time. It's just good manners.

    • Yeah I thought so too :/ even if there was an emergency surely he could of dropped a text out of politeness. I know I didn't make the first date, but when he asked I let him know I couldn't come and rearranged as I have manners.

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