met an awesome guy last night! what next?

I me this guy at a party and we started talking. We both have good senses of humor and were joking around all night. Afterwards we walked to the hot truck and got food and then went back to his apartment to eat it. we didn't hook up or anything. Afterwards we went to my dorm and hung out and talked for a little while. We were hanging out together until like 330 in the morning and just kept talking. Before he left he asked for my number and said he would let me know about other parties and that he could help me out with some school work some time (he is in my major, but 2 years older. Then he gave me a hug before he left. I know I will see him around soon, but how can I take things to the next level or flirt with him so he knows I am into him? Also, he kept telling me how he liked my belly button ring haha! I can't stop thinking about him, he was respectful and seemed like he had fun hanging out


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  • For what you said, things flow naturaly between the two of you. Just let it keep going that way, you probably already give the signs that you're interested in him, and for your description he's into you aswell. Meet again or pherhaps a couple more times.
    If you want him to kiss you, for example, keep close to him, let him know you don't mind being close to each other, signs you want him to make a move :)

    • he kept saying how he would see me around. i mean we both lingered at the end when we knew it was getting late. like neither of us wanted to leave. i do want to kiss him so as we hang out a little more i will drop hints

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    • Good plan, you'll do fine

    • thanks so much :)

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  • Contact him and say something lighthearted such as "I had a blast last night! Did you? ;-)"

    • So many people of both genders stress about wanting to say something absolutely profound or enlightening when making contact with a crush.

      I used to be that type of person too.

      Then I realized that most important thing is that you ARE talking to said person so they know you are thinking about them.

      Even the most mundane thing such as

      "I'm lucky because I still have Girl Scout Cookies left! Yummy thin mints! What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? 8-)"

      will suffice. :-D

    • thanks for the advice :) we have some funny jokes from last night so i think in a few days i will seend him something funny:) you think he sounded interested in getting to know me?

    • He absolutely does! 8-)

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  • Bake him a chicken pie and bring it to his door?

    Keep that chemistry going and hope for the best.

  • Calm down. You just met him. Take it slow. Hangout and get to know him