would it be ok to text this girl under these circumstances?

I meet her last year , were both single , we don't see a lot of each other except at a couple bars we each go to and are popular in hometown. not a lot of places to go at night here so most young people go to same couple bars on Friday nights. I have talked to her a couple times in person so we do know each other.

so yeah I noticed on her Facebook page she did one of those new phone posts and gave out her cell # and social network pages names. so wondering if it would be ok to try and text her , just a short message nothing too much? I'm not actually friends with her on fb though just happened to look at her page though


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  • I would add her on fb cuz she might think u have been stocking her profile etc so i would add her then wait a few days or a week or something then maybe text her or message her on fb and make something up So u can give ur # to her or ask her if u can text her
    That's just what i would do !

    • I know but she already knows I've seen her profile as I messaged her once before , I might see her on Easter wkend or in coming weeks but don't feel local pub is best place to try and talk to her , think the phone might be better option

    • If you see her on Easter weekend maybe ask for her # there or simply just text her whenever u want

    • Yea, I was about to say the same thing. There's no need to wait a couple days tho

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