Girls, is the friendzone really an inescapable black hole?

Is it even possible to escape the friendzone once you've been put there? There are a few different situations here. In one, let's say the girl was never attracted to the guy at all. What are the chances the guy can turn the tables? In the other situation, there is a mutual attraction between the two but then the guy is put in the friendzone. What are the chances he can get out and why was he put there after it was clear both the guy and girl shared an attraction?


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  • The friend zone doesn't exist; it's this imaginary zone someone creates when they can't find it in themselves to humbly accept that the one they want has no interest in them romantically, intimately, or sexually. Doesn't negate the fact that the person values them as a friend and appreciates what they bring to the table in a friendship. However, they are not interested in their romantic side. Some people can't just accept it, get over it, and move on, so they delude themselves about being in some bs "friend zone". While they're telling themselves that they're in an 'inescapable black hole' it's really just because they refuse to move on with their life. They won't just let it go and accept the fact that they are not desirable to that person as anything more than a friend.

    There are tons of reasons why someone may ultimately realize they are only interested in having a friendship from someone. It all depends on the actual person. The most common reason is that they want someone else. It's tough, but you need to accept it and get over it so that you can move on with your life.


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  • I think it is possible to change the situation to your adantage.
    If the girl cares to not loose you from her life, it's easy...I've been ther, I had rejected someone and told him that I really wanted him in my life but as friends and I mean it.But then he seemed like he didn't care about me and I kind of was into it.It's weird, but he palyed his cards really nice.I say it.Now thank god, after like two months without even tlaking to each other, we talk to each other but just as friends (becaus ehe didn't want more).Although I wasn't clear myshelf, too.Anyways, it is escapable in every case, only if you're a master and you guess her right.Some like it hot, and some sweat when the heat is on...(if you get me) :)

  • In my opinion the friend zone is always escapeable if the girl ends up liking you. For me I siblingzone guys I know I will never like and the siblingzone is basically inescapeable


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