I met a really cute girl online, she seems shy and was recently divorced.

She has replied usually 4 to 5 days after my emails with very short but sweet emails. Any suggestions on what to say to a seemingly shy and recently divorced woman to gain more trust in me and to get her to open up more. I feel this desire to just ask her out but I'm afraid of scaring her away. I feel like I just want to say "stop being so cautious.. I'm an awesome guy" or maybe she's writing these very short replies to just tease me and make me want her more.. ahhh dating games


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  • How to not scare her away --- send her an email with this at the end:

    "(her name), I want you to know that I really like you and would really enjoy getting to know you better. I understand that you are recently divorced and I want to reassure you that I am not trying to rush you into anything. I just enjoy your company and would like to spend a little time with you."

    Try that and let us know how it works.


    Best wishes !


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