Her Body language is throwing me off, what does it say to you?

So my friend and i are close, she's a sweet kid. (we're in our early 20's by the way ) so she's dating someone. and when she's w/ me her body language is throwing me off, it tells me that she's interested.
She plays with my hair, holds me as we walk, her head rests on my chest if we stop and look at something, i told her how i felt for her and there was no negative outcome, in fact she never told me how she felt at all. that same night we went to study, we had deep conversations and her leg is rubbing against mine, played footsies, etc etc...
i really want to see her again, its been 3days since we've seen in person. i texted her yesterday (just chill) it took her a long time to respond, i texted her this morning (another chill and it open ended question asking if she found my binder that i lost) and she hasn't responded to that... ok i blabbed too much and probably overcomplicated it. what sup? should i kiss her? what should my next move be?


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  • I dont like how that is. Either she's confused, doesn't know what she wants, or playing around. Thats not something to mess with. Thats serious.

    Imagine that you are her boyfriend rn, would you want her doing these things? I wouldn't. Unacceptable. She sounds a bit too friendly. Danger, I tell you.

    • I can see what you're saying on the boyfriends perspective. so here's another thing, should i call her out on it? i don't want to embarrass her, and i don't mind it because yeah I'm in love w/ her. but these are a mix of emotions that she's presenting that needs to be cleared. so what should i do?

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