Our first date since the break up what should I do?

I'm 24 now. I recently got in touch with my high school sweetie a month ago and we decided to go on a date again. It's been a really long time since I've seen her and I don't want to screw this up again. The first time we had a date I accidentally spilled ketchup all over my shirt. I can't believe I still had a shot after that haha She was captain of the cheerleading squad and I was just part of the basketball team at that time. We broke it off in senior year a month after prom. She said she was always willing to rekindle our relationship if I had just ran back to her and told her hey i don't want to fight and lets fix this. Anyways would it be weird if I took her to the old diner where we had our first date? Should I get her something like flowers or would it stand out creepy if I remembered what her favorite flowers are?


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  • i think it is totally sweet and really nice that your trying to reconnect with your old high school sweetie. i think yes ' go show her the reason why she fell for you the first time you guys met. i really think she would like it & maybe it will bring old memories back for you two. im not so sure about the flowers but if you do being her flowers aswell she might be that into consideration that you actually remembered the things that she likes. if you do really want to get back with her then show her a good time and how you have changed into a better person since the last time you guys were actually a couple. goodluck !

    • bring her flowers*

    • I do want to make her my girlfriend again. And maybe this time I won't spill ketchup on myself haha Thanks for your input!

    • Hahaha ! Oh yeah hopefully you don't do that ☺ no worries!

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