What is the worst first date you've ever been on?

I want to hear everyone's worst or most embarrassing first dates!

I'll share mine, too (sorry, I love details!):
I once went out with this girl I had met online, after of course verifying that she was the cute girl in her pictures. We had texted for about a week prior to meeting, and she was very heavy on the sarcasm. She was constantly going on and on about how I was going to suck at mini golf and how awesome she would be. I even once had to ask if she was being serious about an insult because it was just unrelenting. Anyway, we meet up and the first thing I realize is that I can't understand a word she's saying! Her accent was so thick that I hardly understood her throughout the date. She had mentioned being very competitive, but I didn't realize she was going to spend the entire mini golf game saying how bad she hated it because she was losing! At the end, she even admitted she didn't have fun solely because she lost. I somehow still go out to dinner with her and it gets worse. Come to find out, she went to this pretentious private college and she started making fun of my clothes just because they weren't Neiman Marcus! That was about the time I got the check and we left so she could drive me back to where my car was parked. I figured the date was horrible for her too, but as I start to get out of her car, she starts making out with me. And horribly at that. I spent 10 minutes trying to get her to let go of me and said I had to leave to do homework...She got a sour attitude about it, I went home, and we never talked again haha.


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  • I once got set up on a blind date with a guy my friend knew. She mentioned that he had a little extra fat which is okay because so do I. Who am I to request a skinnier guy if I can't put forth the effort to be skinny too, right? Anyway, we met at a Starbucks and the first time I laid eyes on him I knew by how horribly awkward he looked that it had to be him, I even kept up hope that it was the wrong guy right up until he responded to me saying his name and all my hope was crushed. I sucked it up and decided to overlook the "extra fat", which turned out to be full on grotesque obesity, and continued with the date. It got worse. He was obsessed with furries and bestiality, all he did was play computer games in his basement and collect swords and knives. On top of that, he turned out to be my friend's brother. We finished the date with a very awkward drawn out goodbye and a swift exchange of phone numbers. I made no attempt at communication with him after that.

    About a month later he came out to his family and brought a boyfriend home, with the awkwardness erased by his apparent lack of attraction to me, I came back and befriended both him and his fabulous boyfriend.

    He later turned out to be gay, and

    • Whoops, that last line is a typo...

    • Haha, that's crazy! Why would he even bring up sexual fetishes on a first date? Love the happy ending though!

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  • Wow that sucks.

    Not awful, but embarrassing anyways: I once took a girl out to the beach to have a fire and watch the sunset type of thing. I'm from a very rural area, and do a fair bit of camping. If I have a match, a knife, and some wood I can pretty much start a fire wherever. Now, do you think I could light a fire using paper and a lighter while trying to impress a girl? Hell no. It took me probably 3-4 tries to finally get it going, and she offered a couple times to do it herself. It was all well and good as she really didn't care because she's chill as hell. We had a laugh about it. Still was pretty lame though.

    • Haha, I'm sure she found it cute actually. Not that you were probably going for 'cute' with an outdoors date lol.

    • Not exactly, no

  • My date gave me head for 5 hours straight in the parking lot of a castle all the way until the sun came up. She was so bad at it that I fell asleep twice during her fellatio. In the end, I had to bring her up and tell her that its alright, that the sun came up and people are starting to arrive at work.

    • Omg, is that a true story? Hahaha! I was going to ask how getting head for 5 hours was horrible, but then I read the rest.

  • I've been on one first date in my life...
    It's was actually pretty great! I was nervous as fuck! But I got to hang out with a pretty girl, mingle with the locals...

    So that's my worst (and best) first date ever..


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