GUYS: how should I initiate contact after not talking for awhile without being creepy.?

I knew this guy 10 years ago in school. We've maybe talked twice since. Just recently I've been noticing more of him on my FB feed and im developing a little crush on him. How do I initiate contact? Do I message him? What should I say? I don't want to come off as a creeper since it's been so long since we've talked.


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  • Just message him. What have you got to lose? You can't really go wrong unless he isn't interested in talking to you. If he attempts to keep the conversation flowing, then he's either a nice guy or may be interested. If he doesn't, then you are probably wasting your time and energy on him. Just remember, there is no way to make a guy like you, you either have something they want in a girl, or you don't. And changing who you are is not the right option either because then, the guys you end up attracting won't be into the real you will they now?

    My point of my rant is, don't be so worried about something as silly as sending a message. Just do it, he will either be interested in talking or won't be. You will know soon enough.


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  • Find something you have in common (be it a series or band) and casualy mentions it to him. For example, talk about a band then ask him if he knows about their new album, etc, then discuss how their style has changed or whatever.
    You can then ask something in the likes of "What have you been doing since high school?"

    Another option would be asking him where you know him from, say he looks familiar, then talk about school and life ever since, see if chemistry happens :)

  • I don't agree with any of these opinions. I get why it'd be tough, I mean you know each other but then again not really, I'd rather not fall into an embarrassing pit making mistakes so I wouldn't "just message him".

    Commonality never works for me. Talking about nothing is always the true trick.

    What's worse is I have nooo idea how you're going to pull this off. There HAS to be a way :P

  • If your a female its almost impossible for you too be creepy, no matter how you do it


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