A question for the LADIES: If a guy that you were into as recently as a WEEK ago came up and said this to you, what would your reaction be?

Things were going perfect with this girl up until Friday when she started giving me the cold shoulder COMPLETELY SUDDENLY, things were fine the day before.

I am wonder how effective it would be just to say that I noticed that she is being a distant and what's up with that, and then just speaking from a very real/genuine place and telling her that I do genuinely care about her, and so it sucks to just get completely cut out like that. Just being genuine, romantic about it?


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  • Personally, I appreciate vulnerability and honesty...but not everyone does. With that said, reevaluate WHY you are actually interested in this chick. Dont just like someone because they are "pretty". If she can suddenly change on you like this, then what else can she do? I think you need to focus more on her character and personality. Secondly be real dude. Its possible that either her "changing" is all in your head OR she is not as into you as you are into her. In which case, you would have to figure out if you really want to show your cards to someone who isn't really into you.


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  • I would actually appreciate a guy checking in with me and creating an open dialogue. I think that, as long as you do it respectfully (which it seems you will!), that would be perfectly fine. :) Best of luck!


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