What is a date? when is it just friends?

so I've been hitting on a bartender for about eight months since her last breakup. we have had up and downs In our friendship. lately it has been better. last week she asked me what I was up to later and she invited herself. never made it due to working late. so last night she got off work. came around the bar. had a drink. was looking at a menu. then I suggested we go get a steak. we went. had fun. talked about life, relationships, work and cheaters. shared food. I cut steak for her as we shared a 30 oz steak. then we went to another bar to meet a mutual bartender friend. I drove her back to her car. then she drove home.

would this be a date? or was it just friends? advice for near future and what you think?


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  • nice, now u can ask her like can you talk this as a date.. see how it works

    good luck..

    • what do you mean?

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    • okay. thanks for the good wishes. well see.

    • good luck.bro..

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