met this guy at a party, is he just friendly or does he like me?

I met this awesome guy at a party the other day. He came over to me and started talking. Anyways, later he started joking around with me and talking about how he liked my belly button piercing. We went and got food from the hot truck and were just laughing and joking around the whole time. We didn't have any quiet moments. We brought the food back to his apartment, but didn't hookup or anything. After that he came back to my dorm and hung out for a little while. Keep in mind we hung out for like 6 hours after just meeting for the first time! We kind of lingered while it was getting late like neither of us wanted to leave. He finally asked me for my number and hugged me good night. The next day he sent me a funny snapchat about the night before and i texted him saying i was glad to have met him and had a good time! We texted for like the next two hours and we are going to hang out later this week. Do you think he is interested in me or just thought i was fun to hang out with?


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  • It's too early to tell what his end game is, be it
    shopping for a GF, friends with benefits , fun time buddy.
    Surely you feel this connection, so does he = more time spent with each other a must. Soon all the pros/cons will become more crystal clear and maybe some hopes & dreams?

    Yes, he likes you

  • It sounds like he wants to be your BBF


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