If a phone has been going to voicemail for the past four days has it been cut off or?

Ok so my crush and I met where he works. Basically he was flirting for a month or so and I begun to like him and we had a laugh together. He was really sweet.

I knew he wouldn't ask so I gave him my number he was happy to have it. Two hours later he wanted to go out, I didn't realise he would want to hangout so quick I thought we would plan a day. I was busy with commitment I made days before. He seemed disappointed I was gutted too. So I said we can go out another time he said yeah why not. We planned it for Thursday, which was four days ago. He phoned Thursday and said you ok and he seemed down. Said do I want to see him I said yeah. He said ok will pick you up when I finish work. Only I didn't hear from him :/ not sure why. Texted and called. Voicemail everytime I call. He hasn't blocked me and we didn't fall out. Could something of happened. I went to his work to today to see if he was ok but he wasn't there. He has a lycamobile sim. I'm kicking myself that I couldn't make the other day but he never seemed mad about it. Its been four days so I don't want to worry but I keep thinking is he mad at me or could there have been an emergency. He sounded like he was down for meeting as he was the one who asked me on the phone. I really do like him so I hope he doesn't think I'm not interested. He's a sensitive guy also so I hope he's not took the first date the wrong way. As I genuinely couldn't get out of looking after my nieces


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  • You realize his phone is going to show 37 missed calls from you, right?


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