Does this guy like me or at least find me attractive?

Seems fidgety in my presence. When I see him he always asks how I am, smiles at me. The other week I went in and he was serving others while I waited for my top up but he was like hey how are you, where you coming from college or work etc.
One time he was serving and stared at me while serving other people. Then I went to pay for my item, he said hello gorgeous I'm sorry I just stopped when I saw you and couldn't help but stare. He tries to get convos out of me aswell like he said hey how are you and one time I said fine thanks. An didn't ask how he was. So the next time I saw him he said hey how are you and I said good you alright. He said that's more like it. Then other times says hello princess how you doing, how's your day. He always has to say something when he sees me. He never just serves me, he stops to see what mood I'm in and to try get a reaction out of me. Today when he served me he dropped my change on counter when giving it to me. An asked why I look down and what's the matter. An he said you was staring into my eyes. An then he laughed. I feel like he's flirting but he's working so its hard to tell


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  • Apart from his intentions (whether he truly likes you and wants to be with you OR he's just flirting and getting an ego boost), he SURE finds you attractive. A guy wouldn't flirt with just any girl. He chooses the girl whom he thinks attractive, smart or interesting. There's something about you that has caught his attention. :)

    • Yeah I guess I can tell he's attracted to me. Even touched my hand today. Just hope its not physical he's after

    • Might be physical. Can be more than that. You'll eventually know. Haha. :)