Tons of mixed signals! No idea what is going on?

So I've been seeing this girl for about 3 weeks or so. We've hung out 5 times. I've literally met like her whole family, which seems a little strange. Its a weird situation because we actually went to elementary school together and ran into each other about a month ago. She messaged me on Facebook a few days later and before you know it we're going out for the first time.
Every date to this point has been a ton of fun. I took things slow because that's just how I like to do things. Held hands on the 2nd date, kissed on the 3rd, made out A LOT on the 4th. I'm really beginning to like this girl and I just don't know how she feels about me.
We don't really text a whole lot. I kind of hate texting. It's kinda boring and I would rather just talk in person. But all of our hangouts have gone great, despite a little limited communication.
One of the things that bugs me the most about her is the fact that she loves partying and going to raves. She's also super outgoing. She tells me about her nights sometimes and it just sounds like she flirts with guys all the time. She also will post stuff on Facebook and like tag guys and shit.
We're not exclusive but I think I would like to be. I just don't know if its even worth it. If we go exclusive, is she just going to be flirting with guys or end up cheating on me? Is she even looking for a relationship?
I have no idea. I'm really confused and don't know if I'm in the wrong in anyway
Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated


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  • she probably is waiting for you to talk to her on your own terms and communicate with her when your not busy thats probably why she's not texting you much but i would tell her what you said in your question tell her that you like her and wanna be committed to her but from the sounds of it you guys seem like you guys are already in a relationship i did read the part where you said you guys were going out if she kissed you and did all that stuff with you and flirting with other guys knowing she's been on dates with you and stuff she doesn't seem to be the right girl for you because most girls would of stayed loyal to the guy they were dating or went on dates with and everything went good but i just saw the rave and party part yep she's not settling down anytime soon she loves attention and wants a lot of it she might end up being a heart breaker because she's not going to know how to choose between two good guys i think she may be keeping her options open until she finds the guy that meets her needs and wants and up to her standards

    • Thanks for the opinion. I can definitely agree with a lot of the stuff you said. It's just so frustrating because she keeps implying that were working toward an exclusive relationship. She just bailed on plans for the first time yesterday. Things are not looking good. This is just fucking frustrating. I feel like she's just been playing games all along.

    • she likes attention i feel you deserve a girl who only values your attention and only wants you not a lot of guys because then you going to be worrying weather or not she's cheating on you so i think you deserve better and to find a girl who just wants you sweetie because im a girl and she is definitely playing games because she's not asking for just your attention she's wants attention from a lot of guys and getting it so right there you know she's talking to just not you other guys and flirting with them if she wanted to be exclusive she would of set the record straight from the time you guys were doing exclusive stuff like going out on dates and kissing its not that hard for her o set her relationship status to being committed to someone its not saying your in a relationship but its saying i found a guy whose worth my attention for and im focusing on him and not on getting to know someone else

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