I'm a failure but I got my act together, can I get my girlfriend back?

I was in a very close relationship with my girlfriend from med school. I couldn't handle med school anymore and I was constantly unhappy so I eventually dropped out. Understandably my girlfriend left me because she is a top notch student and had a plan for us that I ruined.

Now I'm at law school finally happy again and I want to get her back

Do you think she'll give me a shot, what would be the best approach?


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  • Hey...I'm a fellow med school drop out too! I met my BF in med school too! He pursued me after I left though...

    That sucks she dumped you because you left med school...that is not cool at all...are you sure you want someone like that back? If she loved you why would she leave? Your happiness should be the most important thing...not her "plan."

    I'm sorry...this just makes me upset...please find someone that will treat you better...remember everything does happen for a reason...there is someone else that will love you for you and actually care about your happiness...

    She doesn't deserve you.

    • And you are NOT a failure...med school is rough...you are a survivor! How long were you in for?

    • Hey, you're very sweet :) I was almost done with pre - clinical, I was good just reaally unhappy, that's what made it so hard. I second guess it every day.

    • Yeah...I was about two years in as well...good luck! Hope everything works out...but really...you can do better

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  • She might give you a chance but doctors make more money than lawyers and you are a couple of years behind her in school so she might not necessarily take you.


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  • Stay the heck away from her! She's looking for a merger, not a husband.

  • She dumped you because you left med school?

    Why go back for her? Go find a younger, hotter girl who will be impressed that you're in law school.

  • Dude, there are tons of girls out there. Find one who won't abandon you over "a plan".

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