What percent of young women (early 20s', late teens) do you think are on dating sites just to get attention and don't want to meet anyone in person?

It is preety annoying at how many young women call themselves princesses and that are just so stuck up on their looks.I believe there are many young women attractive or otherwise are just on dating sites for attention.Many of them say they want to meet a guy, etc. on their profile but end up canceling the last minute or just don't show up where I was supposed to meet up with the woman.I heard it happens to other guys too.Another thing is when everything is going fine with the woman and for no reason she deletes her profile.I know she deleted it because I notice''This person no longer has an account.

I have met up with some girls in person from online.I met like 5.8 girls did not show up or canceled last minute.


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  • I don't think they are trying to get attention I think it's the fact that most of them are not keen or determined to meet somebody off a dating site. I have probably been on dating sites weekly or bi-weekly for 6 months now and I have seriously considered dating 0 number of guys because I know my prospects will be better when I finish school and I want the best guy i can possibly find. I don't go on there to get attention - just to assess the number of single guys I might find and my chances of getting them.

    • Ok but was it with many of these women not showing up for the date without telling me anything or canceling the last minute when I am the place already?

    • A lot of people have no conscience and think it's okay to mistreat people they don't know simply because there are no consequences. I've had that happen to me as well. You just turn the other cheek and hope the next time it won't happen.

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  • I don't think this kind of behaviour is limited to young women.
    What I believe they must be thinking:

    "Dating someone off a dating site is beneath them. I'm so pretty and hot. I deserve the best."

    What they fail to realize is that beauty they have has an expiry date.