Would you go to prom with someone you didn't find physically attractive?

I'm just curious if people would go to prom with someone they didn't find physically atractive.

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  • I had a girl ask me to the equivalent of that, i'd already had my own and she said she had no one to go with so she invited me as her friend... turns out that she thought I would figure out she was in love with me despite being adamant she was only inviting me as a friend leading up to it.


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  • If it was a friend, yes.

  • I was asked to the prom by this girl Lucy, and I kindly obliged. Lucy has Downs Syndrome, but might have been one of the sweetest and most polite people I had ever gone to school with. I was always good to her, and never stood for anyone ever making fun of her. We became good friends and she actually came on a few dates with my then gf and I when we went out. Lucy and I were Senior Prom King and Queen, and I've never seen her happier. We live in a world of too much emphasis on appearance and money. There are actual people underneath the surface!


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