So decided to try and text this girl but its not going very good?

I had meet her in person at bar in hometown and talked to her a couple of times. I had come across her # on her Facebook profile so decided to text her tonight. she just seems all annoyed and only asked who is this? and wanted my full name. any ideas as to what I should say to her , I already told her I wanted to be friends with her and was sorry if I annoyed her? or how to salvage this . or should I just stop texting her and try and talk to her in person sometime?


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  • If it were me, I'd be a little weirded out that someone had went and found my number rather than asking me for it directly. Granted, i don't make my number public on Facebook, so that's partly her own fault, but it's still better to know that the way you got it was by her own choice to give it to you. You might try talking to her in person again and apologizing and then asking to restart?

    • i sent her an apology text today , maybe that will help and if I see her in person try and talk to her and see what she's up to and if she's feeling better about this

    • Well you seem sincere so hopefully she'll see that :) Good luck!

    • the post she made on Facebook was very public and came across as that she wanted people to find her online and text her , maybe she meant more close friends though than someone she meet randomly but still. I hope she at least realises I was being genuine and sorry

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  • i think you should probably show up with flowers and introduce yourself in person she can't get mad at flowers she will be in a good mood someone gave her flowers try that and also she will give you the time of day by how you approach yourself to her like a gentlemen should


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