How is the best possible way to get over this guy for once and all?

I met this guy on a dating website last August . We skyped and talked for almost a month. I really liked him and we clicked right off from the moment I met him. The only bad thing is I guess he didn't like me because he claimed he had a family emergency and I never heard from him again. I've dated other guys since him but my mind always goes back to him for some reason. I want to try to talk to him again but I've deleted my dating profile for awhile now and I fear I'll look like a fool. I just can't understand why I can't seem to move on from him.


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  • If you're that hooked on him, I'd suggest eating some pride and doing what you need to do to reconnect and see where this goes.


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  • You were obviously really into him and he's the one that stopped talking to you, you're the spurned one so naturally you feel like something is missing.

    He must have been one smoking hot guy.

    • See that's the thing, he's was a complete geek. He was just different from any other guys I've ever dated. I usually have no problem moving on from guys I've dated or been in relationships with even if they stop talking to me. With him, it's been tough to get over though and I can't understand why that is myself.

    • Because he's a geek.

      Your brain is like, "A GEEK dumped me? Oh hell no." lol That's what I think it is.

  • what made this guy so special from the last guy you dated


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