I have a hopeless crush on somebody and I don't know what to do.

I've had a crush on a but for about 5 months now. He's very attractive. I started liking him because 1) his looks and 2) people said he's very sweet and nice. Well I thought so too because my friend asked him for a picture with us and he was totally nice about it (spirit week at our school) but then some things indicated that he might he a little bit of a douche. Just because some of his tweets. I really like him and even though it's very rare that we'll be more than friends I want to at least be friends with him. But the problem is I don't know how to become his friend. I would say hi to him but I don't want to seem awkward and just say hi. Now days you can't say and introduce yourself to anyone without looking weird, at least at my school. So please help me. Also he said he likes tall blonde supermodels. And I'm tall but I don't have a body like a supermodel and I'm not blonde. I'm really scared of rejection. Thank you so much. The more details the better. How do you become friends with someone? Also how do you deal with rejection?


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  • Let's just say there isn't a short list of guys who would shag tall blonde supermodels, that comment is so ordinary and pedestrian that he probably doesn't even need to bother saying it. Don't read into it.

    So hitting the points of your question: How do you become friends with someone?

    Well I don't know about this business of looking weird, maybe you live in freakcity, but last I heard its not a crime to talk to people. There really isn't any other way. No talky = no social = no friends. You can get out of the public eye more by arranging a private scenario to talk, but on the flipside its easier to read as going straight to a date too. You are almost really better off just blurting out that you're interested and want to explore possibilities over the course of future interactions.

    Your next item is dealing with rejection. First of all you should set expectations for yourself. If the expectation is high and lofty, like prince charming - be prepared to be shattered. If you tell yourself to expect something small you'll feel better ("So what if he didn't want to get a cup of coffee.") Set them really low and I think its also good to communicate them to this guy, to let him know you're not going to ask him to commit to you or get all luvy duvy or anything like that. Realistically you both should be able to see other boys/girls while you are starting out. Only if you get to know eachother and you want to escalate the relationship into something more serious do you demand exclusivity.

    If you are rejected when you keep it small, it won't hurt as bad.


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  • your ego deals with rejection.
    if you don't meet his tastes then thats his fetish, not yours.

    I've become friends (close and good) with people because of natural clicking.

    BUT i never got infatuated because of "looks" and "sweetness"!

  • Find something he is good at and ask him about it.. :


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