Going out with a guy wanting no commitment, moving, what is he thinking, and should I move on?

We have dated for about two months. When we first met, he was really interested in me but never pursued it for reason I don't wish to shared (not revlvant). I didn't know he was interested in me until after I initiated contact and this was almost a year later, but right at the beginning we both knew that both of us were moving to different states. He has been a gentleman towards me, told me that he doesn't want to get too involved, and has no PDA with me and takes me out once a week. Though he says this I don't get why he still wants to continue seeing me. I am getting worried that once we move, he won't talk to me again because right now we rarely talk except to make plans. I am starting to get too involved be uase i really like him, but don't know if I should completely let him go or just continue to be his occasional date till we see each other again or he finds someone knew or I. Someone have some insight on his behavior? Is he just thinking this is a fling or what?


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  • it sounds like he is just keeping his distance. he doesn't want to go full swing with the relationship...because you guys will be apart.

    I say unless one of you is willing to relocate and that is something you would both want soon, it would be best to just move on. long distant relationships tend to rarely work.


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