My guy friend hasn't called me in 4 almost 5 days and I'm going crazy!!!

So I've been seeing this guy for a year now, we're super close, have strong feelings for each other that we've shared and have an understanding about, a.k.a Love lol We usually talk EVERYDAY, even if its just through text, but I've called, texted, emailed, and left a voice mail but he hasn't answered me back, and now I'm actually getting pretty worried! He just finished up school for the semester this past friday, but we haven't talk since saturday, and while he was in school, he was pretty busy but we always talked and hung out. There's been one occasion where we didn't talk for one day, and it was because of his phone that time. But 4,5 days?! You have to admit somethings wrong there. He's a really great guy, we both agreed that we've never felt this way about other people before. So what's your ruling?


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  • 4-5 days is a bit much. Something might be wrong there. It's best to ask him what's up. Maybe something is going on like family business or whatnot. But that definitely isn't normal.

    • Ya I would ask but I can't get in contact with him. Something Seems wrong but I don't know what's up. Thanks :-D

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  • He found some1 else and he is using the 'if I avoid the situation, she will get the hint' manuver (sp?) or he is lying in a hospital bed in a coma. It is either or I am afraid because it does not take that long to send a quick text - even to say, I am sorry but busy and miss you. (c=

    Do you know any of his close friends or relatives?

    • Ya I'm afraid something happen to him or something because this isn't like him. I'm don't know any of his friends where I have a number to call or anything. Thanks :-D

    • U have been with him a year and you aren't chummy with any of his friends? That seems a bit odd - not on your part but his. If you say that you two were 'super close', you would know who is his friends are, names, hung out with them and probably gotten to be good friends yourself. Are you sure he wasnt keeping you at a distance because ditching you was his intent all along?