I've asked this guy out 3 times should I let it go?

I like this guy and over time I've asked him out 3 times and all the times he said he only saw me as a friend. I don't want to seem desperate (I guess I kind of already do...) I just like him a lot. Do you think he sees me as desperate now? I think he does.


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  • I think your best shot is to try and let it go for now. If he sees you as a friend, maybe you need to show him that you can be more than just a friend. Not towards him but towards other people. I don't mean getting into relationships with other people I just mean approaching other people.

    Keep in mind its not about jealousy though, just showing him that there's another side to you that's more "girlfriend"-like.


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  • you don't have to ask a guy out - being there for him - acting like you like him - being kind to him - doing things for him - paying attention to him - this will communicate to him that you like him and if he likes you back he will return the interest. A lot of the couples that I know did not actually asked each other out - they just communicated mutual interest in each other in non-verbal ways and both seemed to share the same interest and all of a sudden they are dating.

  • you just answered your own question lol... just enjoy the friendship for now. hey, its better than nothing. maybe in time more will happen but don't keep pushing him

  • i think he just wants to be friends and dreads you asking, maybe not desperate but he will think you can't take no for an answer and are a big crazy to keep harassing him