How do I restart a serious text conversation that had to be postponed?

Last night, I texted this guy I really like and have been talking to for awhile but haven't really hung out with about how I was feeling and what I wanted to see happen in the near future (AKA before I go home for the summer and we're in separate states for a few months). We had a pretty deep and serious back and forth for awhile but then I got really tired and he had a friend over so we decided to wait to continue until the next day when we could be more fully committed to the conversation. We both have openly stated that we like each other now and I've been uncharacteristically forward with him all along because I don't want to miss a chance like I've done in the past, but I'm scared to text him again because I don't know how to restart the conversation? We said we would, so I know he's expecting it - I almost always text first, which bothers me a little but it's not a big enough to deal to say something about it, so he's probably going to wait until I do. What do I say though? Do I try to address it directly or do I just say hi and ask how he is? I was pretty abrupt the first time. We hadn't been texting and then I wrote him a novel all the sudden. What do you think is the best, least awkward way to finish what was started?


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  • start out asking him basic questions about how he's been doing? How was his day and tell him about the new things going on in your life and ask him about the new things going in his life to and talk about new events or things your working to achieve i think you should take things slow as friends and communicate with him more and let it grow in to something more each day or time you guys communicate every time you talk to him ask basic questions first about how he's doing and then proceed from his answer into finding more to talk about by asking him about the stuff he said in his answers to you also check out his profiles for interest and likes so you guys have more to talk about


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