Men, need some input on guys who say they don't want to be serious..

Okay, so it happens very often. A man will chase and chase you and once things start moving along and they see you are starting to like them back, they toss out the 'I'm not looking anything serious.'

At that stage, no one is. But so women have been taught to listen when a guy says this and then realize he means he will NEVER be serious about YOU.

So my question is, if someone is showing you all the signs that they really, really like you, but then they say this, does it just mean they're only after sex?

When a guy did this to me, and we were just getting to know each other, well I felt really bad/offended and things since then were never the same.


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  • Yes, it means sex only. There's an outside chance he ends up wanting more, but you should assume that's a long shot at best.

    • Well thank you for your input, and yeah, that's why I think it hurt so much when he said it and so since I couldn't handle that, oh well :(

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    • Then its possible 'not serious' was code for 'i'm still going to hook up locally if the opportunity arises'.

      A friend of mine just entered into EXACTLY that situation with someone, where she basically said that's where things were. so its kind of like they're in touch, some emotional closeness, see each other, see others, and maybe at some point they'll get closer geographically and try to make it work as a committed relationship. That's what -they- are wanting.

    • Given that we haven't had time in person (only met once actually which is how we started talking) it's real hard to plan around that, and since we aren't close to each other to see what would develop, that's made it nearly impossible, logically, to plan for anything serious under those circumstances. SO my head gets it, but how you feel often is quite different than what you think lol

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  • Next time a guy does this put a razor blade in his mouth and say "WHY SO SERIOUS?"

    • Funny :)

      But seriously, when a guy does this, all it does mostly is make a woman feel like he's trying to make a tramp out of her. At least that's how I took it.

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