Having a terrible time trying to date the local girls here?

to start off I live in a smaller city so there isn't a lot of dating options to begin with and its the type of place younger people seem to move away from so there is even less single girls these days. and the ones that are here I don't seem to be getting much traction with , not exactly sure why as I do have a job and my own vehicle and socially out going , go to local hang outs and bars and know some people around here.

dating has just been a major challenge without any real success of late in terms of actual results. it might get better during the summer as this area gets busier and more to do on weekends but still.

I'm not sure what my options are or what is a possible solution , I feel it needs to be a small town solution not something that work in a big city. I also seem to be even having a hard time being friends with these girls I have meet , some I realise aren't going to want to date me but to not even want to be friends seems harsh.


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  • You will join a social group or dance class = instant click that will take you to their regular haunts, treat you like family until the gals begin to move in on you

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