Analyze this short text convo from last night? I don't know what's going on with this guy...Any feedback would be SO appreciated?

Him: (10:00 PM) What are you doing tonight?
Me: Just got back from yoga! What's up with you?
H: Finishing up poker seeing if you want to chill
M: Sure! As long as you would be able to drive me back.
H:So you wouldn't want to chill at your place?
M: Sorry, we hung out at my place last time, and my roommate has an early test tomorrow. I know driving must be a pain, but would it be okay if we went back to your apartment?
H: I'll have to see, I'll let you know when I'm done playing cards.
H: (An hour later) I want to but I have a lot to do tomorrow so I would have to bring you back really early in the morning, which I feel like a d*ck about
M:Okay! Well I'm going home this weekend, so I'd like to hangout with you before then if you can! Maybe Thursday night?
H: Haha I'm not free Thurs night, and I'm busy Wednesday.
M: Oh, okay
H: (11:50 PM) Ugh, I have to take care of my roommate now, it's his birthday tomorrow and he's super drunk. If I got you in like 45 mins would you still want to chill?
M:It's too late now, maybe another time.
H: Haha okay let me know when you're free during the week if you think it's too late now.
M: Haha yeah, it's too late. I'm free Wednesday and Thursday afternoon!
H: Work Wednesday, class till 12:15 Thurs
M: I don't have class till 2 Thurs, would you want to come over after your class and grab lunch?
No answer. Thoughts?


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  • i text a girl doing the same stuff once before. i dont think he really wanted to hang out with you at that time. I think he was saying it just to be nice. Seems like he was hiding something or didn't really want u to come to his place which is why he had so many excuses.


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