Would you date this woman?

Date this woman:

Shes fun to be with outgoing flirty funny hates drama confident giving big heart smart great sex drive

BUT she:

Has 2 kids divorced big boobs but LOOKS like she has two kids (no longer thin stretch marks)

I always wondered what people feel about women with kids, and divorce... if they still find them beautiful attractive.. etc..


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  • Divorce is a part of life. It's totally normal thing. And a divorced women is an experienced personality about relationships. That's all. Nothing different.

    But, you have kids and it's responsability. Some guys hate responsability. But some gentlemen don't mind if you have child or not. In love, nothing matters.

    Anyway, if you feel the vibe, nothing bothers.


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  • totally. of course there are SO many MORE variables that go into who you wanna date. and know that, yeah, some guys aren't at the stage of their life where they wanna be involved with someone with kids, and that's fine. but for OTHER guys . . . . there's something super sexy about a woman who's mature, been through somethings and come out on the other side, AND someone who's great with kids.

  • Depend on reason of divorce and kids don't matter at all and the body change all the time.


What Girls Said 1

  • I know it sounds so cliche, but beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder! If you find her attractive and appealing, then it shouldn't matter if she has stretch marks, or whatever else. You will be able to feel if there's a connection and then...if there is...just follow your heart. Good luck!