Are there true relationship minded guys that are like that out of choice?

I'm not talking about the guys that would like to party and sleep around if given the chance (I have a feeling those types would cheat on me if too since their intentions aren't sincere) but the ones that simply chose not to do that and are only interested in a committed relationship.

Though I was talking to a somewhat quiet guy in my school, something tells me he can go wild too if given opportunities. I'm saying this because ever since he made a couple more friends recently, he isn't showing up on the library like usually and he canceled our date too. This contradicts what he used to tell me about liking the library and mainly dedicating his time on books.

I just want a true serious guy. A virgin would be great since I'm a virgin too and love the idea of learning it together (I don't want someone that slept around) but it's like these guys are harder to find.

Sometimes I feel like it's a lost case and that what I'm looking for either doesn't exist or he's hiding so well. Even the few quiet ones I've encountered changed suddenly and have this tendency to want to be players if tempted.
This is what happened with Chris, the one I was talking to for weeks. I was into him because he is smart and like books (bookish like me, well I thought) but it's like he's changing.


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  • Ya, but they're old. Young people don't know wtf they're doing.

    • But they were young at some point too. Does this mean I have to settle for one that has to sleep around and wait till he gets it out of his system? Ewwww

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    • yeah I'm still 17 (will turn 18 on July) and graduating this year. Hopefully I do find him. So wonderful would be to have a guy that strongly resist against the ''sow your wild oats'' temptation and doesn't do it, one that doesn't become another wannabe.

    • Oh, then maybe wait until college.

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  • Of course we're out there, hard to find but we exist :)

    • Yes, we guys hide so well.

    • you...

    • I wouldn't say hiding, we're just rare so the odds or running into one isn't very high haha. Don't give up, like attracts like.

  • I am like that. I also want to be with a virgin for the same reasons as you. I wish I could

    • That's so sweet. Don't give it away randomly. We like that too.

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