How to not care what women think of me?

How to not care what women think of me? I seem to care too much


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  • I think it all starts off on how you think of yourself. A lot of time people care about what others things because they feel like they lack something.

    You might care what women think of you, because you believe deep down your not good enough. And, if you DID believe you are amazing, then you wouldn't care what women think of you.

    So to me you need to get rid of your insecurities and then you'll feel like you don't give a shit what people especially women think of you. The guys I know that don't care what women think are guys that have gotten over their insecurities and accepted themselves as who they are. And, they respect who they are no matter how they are, and they make OTHERS accept them for who they are...

    In my case a women has to respect and accept me as how I am. If not, then she can take a hike. So in that sense I really don't care what women think of me.


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  • well think of it this way the ones that do care are bitches anyways

    • I'm talking about me not caring

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    • Because you are not a dickhead like them...stupid girls like that will contribute nothing to this world expect the fast food on your plate.

    • I think you got something there