Going on a date with a gal tomorrow, how should I act?

We've been texting a lot and we've organised a first date tomorrow. She's definitely interested in a relationship with me, and so am I, can I kiss her and act like we're a couple so soon?


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  • Take things slow and be yourself.


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  • Let things progress naturally, and be yourself. You can't go wrong if you do those things.

    • Well me being myself is charming the hell out of her and kissing her. But I'm slightly worried that it's going too fast.

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    • *kissed her

    • Oh there was no pressure to kiss her in the first place, I just thought "I'm attracted to her, she's asking about, he'll I'll just go for it" and she reciprocated. I guess I'll just go with the flow - according to my best friend she's looking for something serious with me.

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