Is that it? How can I ask for an explanation as in to why... Are we no longer speaking... If both of us had a great time...?

So I was talking to his guy online for like two months, we texted everyday, and spoke on the phone occasionally, and we recently went out on the 6th, (this was our first time meeting each other) we went hiking and then out for celebratory ice cream at an old fashioned ice cream parlor, throughout the entire time together we had laughs and the convo never stopped.. The whole day was just great, it couldnt of have gone better. When he dropped me off I gave him a small token of my gratitude, a gift. (it was corny, a nicely wrapped box of pop tarts.. his ultimate fave kind, it was something that we first talked about... I thought it would be nice) later on that night, he told me he had "soooo much fun, and that it was great to finally meet me, and that he thought my gift was epic and that he absolutely loved it.. The next day, we spoke normally how we usually talk, but the days following, it was like a complete 180 to 360, we barely spoke, he wouldn't reply... But I honestly tried not paying much attention to it, but as days passed it got harder not to notice... Then to the point where didn't /'dont even talk... I wanted to ask him what went wrong, I just wanted something rather than nothing... A reason... A "why"... For me to understand... But I still haven't... A part of me says forget it... And the other part of me wants that "closure" so to speak... But all in all... I've been contemplating whether or not to ask him can we at least be friends? I mean he was a really cool guy... But I don't know whether or not that would make him uncomfortable, for what reasons I have not a clue... I've also been wanting to ask him "can you fill in the blanks?" but I have a feeling that he will reply back in a nonchalant type way...


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  • You could ask him, but don't confront him when you do, just ask him how he's been and then go into asking him, he may have his reasons that are un-seen.
    Often times guys do his, when things are good, they close-up.

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