How does a guy feel the first time he really makes out with a girl?

Me and my boyfriend are both vrigins. Also both 21 and we are both each other's firsts. It's been a year now since we started dating, and only like last month we had our first peck in the lips. our "first kiss", I might call it. Just a while ago, we really made out for the first time in my closet because of fear getting caught hehee. I guess we just felt extra intimate because he was leaving for a week so yeah.

I'm a Christian, and I feel guilty about it because both me and my boyfriend agreed on waiting til marriage. We're not getting married anytime soon. My hormones go crazy when we were making out for the first time. Damn, I even had to masturbate after because I was still so hot when he left, which I really feel bad about because I reallly wanna remain pure. It's just I have been having so much sexual urges lately.

It's prolly a bad idea to do it again. It's just going to be really hard to restrain ourselves because it felt really good. Ugh, hormones.


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  • Making out itself is nothing to be ashamed of. But you have to really hold your feet to the fire the instant the urge comes to disrobe. Because once you've disrobed, sunk-cost thoughts are going to push you the rest of your way over the edge.

    If his hands are on your back, that's fine. But if his fingers are gliding across your nipples, you've gone too far. At that point, stop each other. Otherwise, you will end up having sex.

    And once your mind is high on hormones and has committed to the deed, good luck being willing to take the time to use protection. You'll be in full-on biology mode. You body won't care about all that social sex politics nonsense. It will simply want to do what it's designed to do: to make a baby.

    • thank you! I am sure it won't lead to that.

    • I learned that with my date the hard way. If her breasts are not a boundary, soon nothing is. Since then, her and I have discussed reestablishing boundaries. She likes me, but wants to finish college before she starts talking marriage and what-not. And I'd hate to have to ruin her plans for any reason.

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  • Even if you feel you should't have sex till after marriage there's no reason not to make out!

    • Ok! Just scared it might lead to something.

    • I love making out and I've done it plenty times but I've never had sex because I don't want to go that far

    • Ok, cool!

  • Everything you were feeling, he was feeling too. I'm sure he went home and masturbated too. best thing to do is talk it over with him. if you don't want to have sex you can always masturbate together.


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