Thinking of giving him a ring. Thoughts?

Simple story, boy met girl, exchanged "I like you's" and had a few text messages here and there.. mainly trying to figure out schedules. Mine is hectic because I have kids. and if we were to date of course I would want to separate the two worlds for a while and I also work when I dont have kids. It's hard for me to come up with time, but I am willing to make the time to get to know someone. All that aside, I have been thinking of texting him. its been well, almost a week since we last texted and two weeks since we met. I dont know exactly what to say when I text him, but I kinda wanna know if he's still interested in dating, or if I should just let him go. Not to mention, I realize it will take a while for someone to decide if they want to seriously date a woman with children. So that's why I've been stand offish. haha Any insight? thanks!


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  • An easy thing to text would be, "Hi stranger, how you been, not heard from you in a while, so thought I would say hi, x" This will allow the convo to be open without pressure if he has any reason of not contacting you, and don't be thinking that just because you have kids, it means your un dateable, because this is so false, because although you might come with baggage, a lot of genuine guys would never judge you for having kids. Were not animals where we kill the off spring of another mans lol, we often would be happy to date someone with kids, and we would accept that you come as a package, and guys who can't handle this type of baggage, are not worth your time anyway, good luck, x

    • cool. ok. So I didn't text yet, and thought of asking if he was till down to chill some night.. but maybe I should go your route.. and keep it open.

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    • yeah. i basically said hi to him, but i get the sense he doesn't want to get to know me. he replied,"busy w wrok. how have you been?" i replied good. but he doesn't build up any type of convo!! over it!

    • Well try sending one with, "get in touch when your not so busy" because seriously, if a guy was into you, then you wouldn't have to make such an effort to get his attention, he would be throwing signs at you to get yours, so really, you want to save your efforts for a guy that's worthy of you, because this guy sounds obviously fails to recognise when he has something good, so leave the ball in his court. You have done enough, don't try until he makes an effort with you now, x

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