Girl stoped texting me...what is the best thing to do?

I 've got one girls phone number, from a friend...somehow, over the phone i started talking to her, i was kind a cool, and i thought she started to like me...she sent me messages first, she replyed person we just said hi...2 times...we had no other contact...then i asked her out and she was ok with it...but after she was saying she is tired and i said that we can go out next day if she is tired...she said that we can only be friends after a few messages...we didn't go out...and she just stoped texting me one month ago...and she didn't respond to 2 of my was ":D" and ":p", but anyway :D What should i send to her or what should i do to make her like me again? by the way...i prefer answears about texting part...i m kind a shy :) she is cute, i like her...but we could be friends for start :) P.S.Sorry...I am not good at English ...And...i am from Serbia :)


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    It's likely she doesn't have a interest. She didn't talk to you after a long time and there isn't a sentence that'll change someone's mind about you in a instant.

    The only solution is to start a normal conversation. If there's no response at all, it's best to move on.


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