What do i do from here? anyone?

Datet a great guy and things were going smooth and best dating experiance so far, but the only problem is that he lives far away and he has so much going on.
Things began slowing down after our last wow factor date, and i noticed it and began panicking thinkin I've had done something wrong or there was someone else. He didn't contact me as much and didn't meet me anymore cause he was busy with work and traveling and school on the side. At the same time not going where he might end up going to school next year. But he was perfect, perfect match, who even told me he likes me.

I asked him straight out if he is interested anymore, i would appriciate honestly and just to clear it out. He said he isn't looking for anything serious now because he just doesn't have the time for it. We decided to be friends, he even congratulated me on my birthday, he is a nice guy i know that but it sucks that things aren't going my way now, when i finally met someone i like.
What do i do from here?

not knowing *
and the fact that he was the one who kept pursuing me in the beginning. hate dating..


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  • hard to say. I would say that he probably likes you but is not that into you, but I could be wrong. I liked this girl so much and we had a date or two and the chemistry was amazing. however, we lived far apart, and to be honest I was not in a place or time to date even though I wanted this girl to be my gf. plus I had a lot of problems and major issues that prevented me from dating her. but this is a rare case and exception as I was very dysfunctional at that time in my life. more than likely he is not being completely honest with you but I could be wrong. so it is possible he has what I kind of had going on. but It could mean he is not as into you as he tought or it could mean he met someone else. I honestly don't know.

    I feel as a guy if you really like a girl a lot, you will make time for her one way or another even if he lives far. just my opinion. I could be wrong. but if you really like this guy and it sounds like you do...it is worth keeping in touch with him as friends and keep him as a friend until time progresses and see once he is not so busy or has his life more together you guys can rekindle what you had.

    if months or years go buy and he clearly has the time for a relationship, and is not pursuing you romantically then you can assume that he lied to you. it is hard to say. gotta go with your gut. but if you like him keep him as a friend.

    • did he dump me or?

    • huh? don't understand your last comment

    • Sorry! Did he reject me by saying this? Or simply bad timing? I'm thinking of not contacting him and let him be , is that a good idea?

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  • If things are meant to be they will work out. If he is all over the place then you are going to ahve to deal with always being second best, not because he likes you less, but because he is always busy. You can keep up with him, and if he wants to keep up with you, then just play it out that way as time goes on. Other wise you might be better off letting it go. Sometimes are not meant to be. Other times situations like this remind us what we want out of life.


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  • Bad timing. Collage and Work are a hard mix.

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