Why did he take me where he took his ex?

My boy friend / baby's dad brought me and our son to a place where he and his ex went why would he take me there what was he thinking? im so upset here I am thinking this is going to be a gray memories for our son and I asked him who has he been here with because he had been telling me I've been here and he says with his ex 😔👎😡 ... His back round with his ex : When they where with each other she cheated on him and got pregnant and the married the guy.. My boy friend is really good friends with her mom and he had to make amends with his ex so him and her moms relationship will be ok.. And I'm ok with him and the mom because I like her she's awesome !! And his ex is ok I'm not jealous I just don't understand why he would do this !!


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  • Maybe he just likes that place.


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