Help need advice from both guys and girls.?

So i dated this guy for about 6 months and it was on for a couple of months maybe 3-4 then it was on and off and we argued a lot and both hurt each other and wed talk again and then i stopped talking to him and he'd sometimes message me and then we wouldn't talk after that so nothing was consistent, but then we spoke on the phone about everything in the past and he asked if we could be friends and we called eachother a couple of times and it was going well but then he decided he couldn't be friends because he didn't want to fall for me and we stopped talking a few days later he text me saying he missed me and wanted to be friends i agreed saying last chance but he's said to me but you wouldn't want to give it another go would you claiming he was just wondering im just confused and don't want to get my hopes up he seems genuine paying me compliments when he never did and being interested and nice he hasn't been like this since the first time we dated but the convos do die out, just would like to know what you would do in this position?


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  • I think it depends on how bad you guys did not get along before. If you were miserable all of the time you should just let him go. You both can find more compatible people. Sometimes couples just try to make it work because it is easier than to go through the whole dating thing again. But, if you think you guys can work it out and be happy I would go for it.