I really need help with this situation with this girl?

So I was talking to this girl and she wants to have a date to formal. I asked we should hangout before we go and she agreed. We scheduled a double date on Sunday.

I texted her Saturday night and said "So are we still on for tomorrow?" And she replied, "yeah it might be alittle awkward with just the 4 of us". Then, on Sunday morning she texted me "Hey can we hangout on Wednesday instead" I replied to her 5 hours later saying "Sure, does your friend still wanna go?" she texted me a minute later saying "yeah but in a group, I would go with either you or your friend to formal but we want it to be a group becuz it'll be more fun especially hanging out for the first time", "I'll invite some friends and you should invite some too, if that's alright with you guys!". I didn't text her back. Wednesday comes and I texted her "what time are we hangouting" She texts "I forgot to tell you Im going to be out of town til Friday "

There's no way you can forget that, and this was our rescheduled "hangout". What's going on? I really need help and this has got me feeling down.

We agreed on Sunday, then she asked for a reschedule for Wednesday, now Wednesday comes and she "forgets" that she would be out of town. Is she dropping a hint?


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  • i think she's nervous hang out in a group and see where it goes


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