First time hanging out? Eeep.?

I've invited a guy (that I sort of have a crush on) to my house this weekend to watch a movie. He's my prom date, I am his ball date, and I honestly would not mind dating him.
With that in mind, I have no idea what movie to watch. I don't want it to be awkward, but have no idea what kind of movie to watch.
Any movie suggestions?
Additionally, (this sounds stupid) where should I sit. I don't want to be too close and then have him feel uncomfortable but since I have a long couch, I don't want there to be a huge distance between us.


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  • Get a comedy like "this is it" or something like that haha its the safest bet, and dont worry about sitting too close, what would be awkward would be a big gap in between the two of you haha

  • hmmmm i recommend a serbian all seriousness watch breakfast club and half way through give him movie head...


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