Online dating, what do you think?

I've been online dating for a bit, my question is even though I know that I am great guy. But do looks really play and important part? I understand the fact that you have to be attracted to someone, but I know that in real life I could interact with a woman very well. What do you think the problem is with online dating?


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  • It's really easy to pass a lot of judgement on someone based on what's on their profile. And that person may not even have described themselves very well.
    It's not an ideal way to meet someone in my opinion. But here are some success tips..
    The more pictures you have, the more responses you'll get, generally.
    If you're using OKcupid, don't answer a lot of questions because people tend to pass judgement based on maybe one of your answers to a question. On the general questions that you answer, be sure to give an explanation (if you want) explanations are always good and encourage people to message you.
    Ask the person to do Skype of FaceTime with you before meeting. Most people don't describe themselves accurately or their pictures are deceiving. This way, you don't waste your time, or gas, going to meet someone that you end up not being interested in.
    Don't write stuff on your profile that makes you sound jaded or bitter.
    Be willing to meet up/Skype/Facetime as soon as possible. Too much texting back and forth or messaging can lead to loss of interest.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    • Also, see #1 on meowcow's answer. Good advice.

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  • Yes look are a huge thing. Obviously everyone's idea of what I attractive is different. In my case, if I get a message from someone I find unattractive I probably won't message back. But if someone at a bar comes up to me and I find them unattractive I'll just say either I'm not interested or I have a bf lol. I think with online dating you shouldn't spend so much time talking with someone, if you feel you are more personable in person meet up and get coffee!

  • Unfortunately I think people cruise the pictures trying to find someone Hott. Looks play a huge part in online dating. But if you meet someone in person right away they have a sense of who you are, so they don't only judge your looks.

    • looks play the only part in online dating. that and height , if they see you are under 5 foot 9 or 10 they won't even give you a second look

    • Well I'm 5'2 so 5 foot 9 or 10 is tall to me. But yeah looks are #1 on those sites.

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  • There is no problem associated with online dating. It is a natural evolution of dating through technology.

    The problem is how men and women use this technology.
    There are people who use dating sites strictly to get sex with no intention of a relationship. Others are sincerely looking. Then a few are just fake profiles. Knowing what to look for greatly enhances your probability of finding someone.

    I'll explain some of the things to look for, avoid, and adapt to.

    1. Avoid "general" profiles and emails.
    Have you ever seen the profile that says, "I like hiking, swimming, working out at the gym, long walks on the beach". For fukks sake, the guy/girl is 20+ and that's all he can say about himself? It's so boring, and really, so are the people behind those profiles. There's a reason why they're still single.

    2. Profiles that really attract people are the ones written about your values. Not your interests. If you love to watch football, I doubt that will get all the girls raving over you.

    Instead, state your personality type. Are you a social butterfly, or more reserved and composed? Do you have strong family ties or do they all live elsewhere because you moved away? Do you believe that everyone should learn to be independent, or should society nurture those who cannot take care of themselves. These things speak to your character, and character compatibility is what makes couples succeed/fail. Not whether you have the same interests.

    3. Avoid profiles where the guy/girl talks about how great they are.
    People of low esteem tend to make up for their inadequacies in their profile. Even if they are accurately describing their career...etc, they have a giant ego. It's probably why they're single. I have girl friends who have gone on dates with people who claimed to be doctors, dentists...etc...when they actually weren't. The worst case was a "6'4 Caucasian doctor" who turned out to be an unemployed 5'5" Chinese guy.

  • online dating is a damned joke. its ALL about looks with online dating.