Is this kind of date? guys help please?

So i met this guy at a party a few days ago he came up to me and we started talking. We got food and then hung out until like 330 in the morning. He then hugged me and asked for my number. We were teasing each other and having fun all nihgt! So we made plans to meet up tomorrow night and I asked if he would want to like get some food or something and he said that sounded great and that texted me saying awesome, sounds like a plan! So what should I expect? Would he want to hang out with me if he wasn't interested? We had a really great time when we met for the first time lasst weekend. How should i act when I hang out with him?


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  • He would hang out with you if he were not interested romantically. The fact that he is willing to be in your presence cannot determine if he LIKES you - only that he likes being around you. There's a distinct difference. Wait a little longer and see how he's acting and then gauge whether or not that's what you're looking for.

    • okay! like im not looking to rush anything AT ALL, like I can't know this early if I am interested in him romantically. I just want to get to know him and see where it goes you know? But is this at least a good start to begin to feel things out? Thanks for the help!

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    • I suppose. He at least shows interest, you just can't know if it's on a friend or romantic level.

    • great! thanks so much! i mean i will probably get a better vibe by the end of tomorrow night?

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  • it is hard to tell to be honest , i think he just wants to hang out and he finds you interesting but it needs time to know if it'll be considered as dating or not
    just give it time and it is hard to get to know a guy from one night having fun

    hope this helps

    Best Regards

    • thanks so much@ yea i mean i hope its more hanging out than a date. I want to get to know him better. i feel like dates put too much pressure. I want a friendship before a long term relationship. Like take it slow before ever deciding to make things official, if the even get that far! Should I still be a little flirty but not ove do it? So he at least knows I am interested in gettin to know him that way?

    • yeah , it is not bad to show him that you're interested but do not go too far , because sometimes gestures can be read wrong so you do not wanna get yourself in some undesirable situation
      wish u best of luck

      best regards

  • When I was dating, I lived by the rule that if the word "date" has never been used between the two of you, then it's not a date.

    Point is, you have no idea what each other is thinking until you communicate about it. Until then, it's much safer to assume these are just friendly hang outs. This protects your feelings and prevents your hopes from getting too far up, only to be disappointed.

    However, I suggest bringing the question up. It's kinda somewhat important to know the situation.

    • well, i dont really know if I want to date yet, i just want to get to know him and see how it goes. Does it seem like he is at least interested in getting to know me and maybe seeing where it goes too?

  • Sounds like he's interested. Why not actually use the "d word" the next time?


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