Could my boyfriend be talking, texting, and flirting with other females and possibly cheating?

I became friends with a guy through tagged at the end of last year. Tagged is an online website where you meet, socialize with people, message and can add them as friends.
At first we were just friends, then moved on to KiK messenger which is a texting service. Later, phone calls. We are both from Nashville, TN but he was raised in Texas and now back in Nashville and I'm going to college in Washington.
Back in March he asked me on a date when I get back home and I said yes. On April 1st he asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then he use to text good morning, how are you, i love you, wyd through KiK now there's a change. Now I'm mostly the one who's doing the texting on KiK and it takes him a long time to respond. After he responds, he will log out from KiK so when I text something else he don't get it until the next time he logs in. We are suppose to meet in person when I come home at the end of May.
He calls me when he's going to work and coming from work. On yesterday, he called me on his way to work but I was unable to answer so I text messaged him with hi sweetheart, I love you!! Sorry I missed your call but he never texted back. I looked for his phone call last night because he always calls me when he get off work but I saw where he was on tagged and Facebook and didn't bother to call me. On Facebook he put a picture of a girl and his convo but I took it to be his classmate because she was like I miss you and he was like I miss you too and he was like text or call me and this was last night.
I text him on kik with hi sweetheart this morning and all he said was hi back.I asked did he receive my text yesterday but nothing yet.
I'm trying not to act like nothing is worrying me but it hurts.Repeatedly he's on tagged. What could I ask and say to him that doesn't make me appear curious what he's doing? Do you think he's trying to make me jealous? What do you think he is trying to do? Must I stop messaging him on KiK?


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  • so overanalyze, much lack of trust, wow

    • I'm surprised mine was the only answer here.

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