Should I go for it? Or wait for him?

So I have a crush & we both unofficially know we like one other. So I know he thinks I like him & He knows I think he likes me. Also we've had some physical contact like we've hugged once but we're always either touching each others arms or legs or getting close up, something like that. Now my all my guy friends do these dumb but funnuy dares all the time & they dared me to kiss my crush. I was going to but then i chickened out cause I thought my crush would be grossed out after. Yet we've had moments where we'd spend 5mintues just staring at each others lips & face. I've though about kissing him and he's blown kisses at me but I'm afraid he's just kiddig around. Should I really kiss him when we're alone? Or bring up the subject when we're alone? Or just wait for him to kiss me?


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  • Go for it! You both like each other so you shouldn't fear rejection. Good luck :)