Should I go up to 50 random women and ask for their numbers?

I saw these guys to social experiments and put it up on YouTube where they would go up to random women and ask for their numbers and they had a pretty good successes rate
but I am thinking I am not as good looking as some of them and it probably won't work.

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It's just my own little social experiment I am going to do for my self as well you know make a game out of it so rejection if happening won't feel so bad lol.


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  • Do it, thats called low risk High reward.


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  • I did this quite a few times when younger and it seemed to work. I would rather start something off of common eye contact and enjoyable small talk if meeting in public now though.

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    • Yeah but that is not the best idea while someone is working and I have tried that before and it doesn't work.

    • Well it's all about the numbers. You probably need 50-100 tries if you're targeting hot girls only.

  • Yes. Try aproaching average looking girls standing alone. That will give increase your chances.

  • I'm sure it will work with some girls. Some girls are taken you got to take that into consideration as well.

    • Yeah but if they all say they have boyfriends that means they just don't find you attractive lol I hate that line the most sorry U have an invisible boyfriend.