Guy says we're just friends but acts like we are together?

Me and my friend recently admitted to liking each other. Actually he was never shy about his feelings for me I was the one very cautious and avoiding the topic of 'us'. We have been romantically talking for about a couple of months and I'm not sure about what he wants from me. We have talked about children (he has a son and I have none) and how he would like me to be the mother of his next child. How he'll wait till I am finished with school. We've had moments where he would all of a sudden be romantic and kiss me and grind on me in public (I get nervous when he does it), we hug and touch each other a lot. This guy never lets me out of his sight for too long. Stares at me all the time and pinches me.

I guess I am confused because a couple of times he's said we're just friends, we're not dating or in a relationship and it makes me feel really small. Like I know we are not dating, we are talking but it makes me feel stupid when he's touching me and doing all this romantic things to me but bluntly states I am just a friend.

In the beginning I asked him what he wanted from me because I really do not want to play games. He said he wants my personality and see how things go, which I agreed upon. Now he states how he loves my personality, how we can make jokes about each other and no one gets mad. He always talks about him talking me out to eat or to a show but never makes plans. When I ask about hanging out he changes the topic. But then has the nerves to say I am too busy to go out with him.
If he just wants to be friends then why his sudden urges to be romantic with me?


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  • Who knows? The man sounds a tad unstable. He acts in an extremely aggressive manner then bails on commitments. The fact that you're in school is a boon to him; he can weasel out of everything because that became his excuse to not commit. Using this puppetry and terminology he can maintain your interest in a very controlled way for the duration of your school years essentially making this a win/win for him.

    Question: Do you do him any favors of any sort by chance? Curious if theee are more incentives.

    • No I haven't done any favors for him. We work together and he just always makes a point to be around me. I have to admit I am awkward when it comes to dating so maybe I am giving mixed signals? But I do tell him that I like him and would like to get to know him better.

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    • Thank you! :)

    • You are welcome!

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  • He sounds very loopy and unclear. You need to have a serious talk.

    • I won't waste any more time on this. I'll just brush him off...