My boyfriend is on a dating website?

My friend recently joined a dating website. She told me earlier she found my boyfriend of 2 years on there. She sent me the link and there's his photos and a brief description saying he's looking for the perfect woman for his life and he's not found the one yet. It shows that he was online today so he can't say it's old.
My friend thinks I should set up a fake one and chat to him and see how it goes but I don't really think that's a good idea. I thought we was happy - but obviously he doesn't. I was so happy in my relationship, he's so loving and caring.
Do I confront him about it? Set up an account? Or just tell him it's over and move on?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • What more do you need to know? His profile and pix on this dating site says it All. Why bother to go through any more redrick, any more Drama Queen dilly. That would be enough for me. However, it's your choice. To me, he's not worth anymore Time in your life, along being the same kind of "con" that he is.
    Confront him of your findings and lay him out in lavender. The proof is in the sweet ass pudding, and now that he has smeared it all over for Other girls to see, the best you can do is tell him how you feel, and walk away, leaving egg on his "false foolish" face.
    Good luck.xx

    • Odds are it's him.
      But what if it isn't?

    • When she confronts him, I doubt he will deny it. And may even have a perfect excuse as to Why he did it.

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What Guys Said 5

  • -Make a fake account
    -Hit him up
    -Ask to exchange numbers
    -If the number you receive is his, leave his sorry ass

    Odds are this won't have a happy ending. But with the amount of trolling that happens online, it never hurts to be sure before you end it.

    • I'm going to message him soon then. An see if he eventually gives me his number.

  • Don't rule out the possibility of your boyfriend having his pictures stolen by someone else. Check if his profile says "Seeking relationship" and then, make a profile and see if he's being loyal or not. He's going to deny it, if you confront him and say he's just looking for "friends", that's what they all say.

    • How can I find out if it's him? I have no reason to believe it but I've seen the profile :(

    • The only way to find out is to chat him up and get more information.

  • Make fake, ask him to meet somewhere and BAM. Do it slow and easy tho

  • Confirm first, then move on.

  • It's pretty damning. For the sake of closure, go for A, just to be sure.


What Girls Said 6

  • Set up the profile and if it goes badly (if you know what i mean) then confront him. Easy and simple... for the most part.

  • You need really good photos, and many. He'll ask for more. The girl needs to be attractive. Make sure she's not famous.

    I would go for it because if I confront him, he'll lie and say he doesn't flirt.
    I need evidence to support my argument.(that's how I always win)
    Expect the worse.
    Either way, you won't be able to trust him again

    • It sounds easier to just end it then as I don't know where to get photos and things from, don't want to take somebody else's photos.

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    • Thank you :) I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle tbh

    • You may say no, but when you argue with him, you won't think right. He might try to persuade you or just tell you flat out.
      It's a big decision. You've been together for 2 years. Now, will you value and respect yourself or let your feelings give that guy a chance?

  • You should do all of the above. Set up a profile and message him to confront him then if he doesn't get it or is/was lying to you the whole time them leave him and find someone else. But later if you find out its someone with the same name, that would really suck. Nobodies perfect so I don't know what his thing is.

  • hahaha

    set up a fake profile see if he responds..

    if he does that means he would cheat on you.

    and then confront him

    and dump his ass!!!

    he's not the only guy out there girl.. trust me things will work out

  • I would just confront him. No use in wasting energy on someone who clearly doesn't care about you. Dude is a fucking idiot!!!

  • Go for A, even though he will find out it's you, he will obviously be angry, but who cares? It to prove the truth and his mistake in the first place. It would be a great touch to record it, so you can post it online and show how big of a jerk he is, but that's if you really want him to suffer your revenge.

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