Do you stick with the new girl/guy?

so you really like a girl/guy and you think they're perfect for you until they start messing with your head, acting hot and cold, refusing dates, being try for a long time to get them to meet you for date but they cancel/refuse numerous times...eventually you meet a new girl/guy who you like, you click too but not as well as the first guy/ you try and make it work with this new girl/guy as they've given you the option to actually date them unlike the first guy/girl who you like slightly you stick with the person who hasn't messed with your head? the one who is straight forward even if you have more in common with the first guy/girl?


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  • i had some girl that acted to me like the first guy in your question.
    To be honest i loved her. I had other girls that would ask me to go to bed and have "fun". I was turning them down. i simply couldn't do it. My feelings were with that girl, even if it wasn't going well.
    We never got together, but i don't regret the others. I'd still chase her if i could.
    There will be many people you'll have lots in common with. They are called friends. But it's only just a few you'll feel that deep emotional connection with.
    Yet he turned you down already. do you think he sees you as more than a friend though? For love to exist there has to be from both sides. You think he is perfect, but he turned you down. Are there any signs that makes you believe he might be interested romantically?

    • Its the other way around, he tried to date me a lot for a whole year, he chased me for a year, he told me numerous times i was his perfect girl...i really liked him also but i lacked confidence. i never told him the reasons and now he has a gf he's been with a long time and i regret it...almost a year into their relationship he sent me a quote out of the blue stating he was still bitter i refused to date him, he assumed i had played games and only wanted his attention when i actually wanted so much more but felt he was way out of my league...we would have been perfect together if it wasn't for my insecurities but its too late

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