Is Causally dating multipliable people considered cheating? and how do I see about getting out of future pickle before it starts?

I've recently started dating again and met a few women online, and been out to coffee and on a second date with more then just one. I also been pen pals/email buddies with a girl I met on craigslist down in Mexico.(we've been talking to each other for about a month and a half)

Now nothing is official yet with the 3 girls I've already been out with yet (there has been nothing past the 3rd date so far) and there have been signs that they all like me a little and I kind of like them in return and my Mexican pen pal has expressed interest in coming to the major city in my area to visit me and invited me to come down to Mexico to visit her but being that we both are super busy with school and work its not going to be possible for a long time (at least 6 months I'm guessing)

I do feel bad about seeing multiple people at once, and I've always been a one woman type of guy...I just don't want to be stuck in a situation where I end up having to hurt one of these girls or end up in a real pickle later on down the road


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  • It's considered cheating depending on the girl, if she has the attitude 'you're not in a relationship until you claim it's exclusive' then she won't mind... if however she automatically assumes a date means you're in a relationship then she'll think it's cheating. To avoid this you have to make sure she knows it's 'casual dating' and a somewhat open relationship... I personally prefer to date one girl at a time to avoid those issues plus it's not really my style to juggle.